Sous Vide Machine or Immersion Circulator?

People often ask me whether they should buy a sous vide machine or if they should instead buy an immersion circulator.

The answer depends on what you’re going to be using it for.

I like to tell people that if they’re going to only be making sweets via sous vide that they should buy an immersion circulator.

It’s nice and small and will allow you to easily use one of your existing pots. This allows you much greater flexibility if you’re going to be making bulky things that involve dough.

I have often found that the amount of dough I make is too big for most sous vide machines. Sous vide machines can generally only hold a couple gallons of water and material. When you’re working in bulk, then you’re obviously going to be limited by the size of the container.

This is why I love immersion circulators. They allow you to use your existing culinary equipment. I am fortunate to have an 8 gallon pot that I use to cook lobsters and fish in. It works absolutely perfectly as a sous vide container. With my immersion circulator in hand, I am able to make all of my desserts sous vide in bulk.

I was really worried about whether or not I’d be able to do this. But once I figured out that using a sous vide machine wasn’t going to be my best bet, I decided that I needed an immersion circulator. Luckily they’re only a couple hundred dollars, so nothing Earth shattering. In fact, the time that I have saved using that has more than made up for the cost.

I’m so excited that I am able to cook sous vide for a living. There are so many people that dream to be in the spot that I am. It really is a dream come true. Thank you sous vide.